Iron Man 3 trailer first thoughts

The first trailer for Iron Man 3 was released yesterday.


2 things.

1.Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin.

2.Extremis Suit.

Some people have been poo-pooing the choice of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin since he is not Asian. If that is your only qualm with that choice, you forget that it is BEN KINGSLEY. He played Mahatma Gandhi after all! Oh, he’s not Indian.

I’m curious to see how they’ll do the adaptation on the “Extremis” Suit. Since in the comics how it comes about is he is extremely injured and takes the new super solder serum that has been made into a virus form by the military (to deliver it to troops to make them like Capt. America) and adapts it a bit before taking it. He removes the arc reactor from his chest, and can control his suit remotely (and eventually up to 6 suits remotely) just with his mind. It looks like they are adapting it to make it a bit of a thriller in the suit aspect, like his dark side is made corporeal in the suit form (in the scene with gweneth in bed). Looks intriguing.

NYCC 2012 Photoshoots live!

Photoshoots in Times Square, and New York Comic Con 2012!

Parasite Eve NYC Photoshoot!

Link- or click the photo!

Jem and Stormer Gallery

Daenerys Targaryen Gallery

She-Ra and Catra Gallery

NYCC Convention Coverage Gallery

Holy NYCC Batman!

So it has been a little while since I’ve last posted about conventions.

I’ve been working on migrating over to the sparkling new Amazon Cloud, so the site will load a lot quicker no matter where in the Country/ World you are located.

I’ve been feverishly working on getting pages created / uploading content.


And well here’s a little something for your patience ;)

A good animated gif of Macaulay Culkin licking Seth Green’s face at the Robot Chicken Panel at NYCC 2011!

Link to mp4 version!



The galleries were done a while ago, but had some hosting issues.

Here they are!

Panels Day 1! -DC Universe / Batman, Venture Brothers, and Robot Chicken.

Toys / Collectibles from the Convention!

Cosplay at NYCC!