New Updates

Hey Everyone,

I’ve added all the galleries on the site to a drop down menu up top.

Nanai, Shining Tears X Wind, and Legend of Dragoon Photo ShootsPart 1 of 3 are now up!

I’m still processing photos from Katsucon 2012, soon to have the last gallery uploaded. Possibly 2 more galleries.

I’m also reprocessing old galleries and will be adding them back to the site under the new format, which will allow non flash devices to view them and faster load times.

I am also looking into different ways of speeding up the load times of the site.

Currently all the files are hosted out of the West coast, which for us on the East coast means a higher load time.

Depending on how things go with cleaning up the site, if there are no speed increases I will move the files over to a cloud based storage which means faster load times no matter where in the country you are located!

More to come!

Photoshoots from Katsucon 2012 Incoming!

Hey Everyone,

Here’s a sneak peak at Katsucon 2012.

The first photo shoot gallery is live.

Wesker – Neon Genocide

Lupin the 3rd photoshoot from Otakon 2011 the 3rd otakon 2011/

More galleries will be uploaded this week.
And I’m going to do something about the design of the site.
It will be easier to access different galleries.