Photo’s in Detroit

Currently getting ready to head out to take a lot of photo’s.

This will be my first Engagement photo set. And later on in the year or next, I will be taking their wedding photo’s as well as being the best man. (I can’t take the photo’s during the wedding, but the actual official wedding photo’s)

I’m looking forward to this, since I have no idea where we are going today. All I know is that these are going to be less “Utopian Engagement Photos.” They are not the “flowers, and parks” kind of people, but more of, they like the “broken future” and appreciate the beauty in things that are “run down.”

They want to make pictures that show “the world is not perfect, but it’s what you make of it that is really important” Since there are so many perfect Utopia engagement pictures.

So that in mind, I’m imagining sites that have no power, thus why I have LED battery powered lights :) and reflectors/diffusers.

This is going to be amazing!

Jazzed! NY Comicon!

I just heard back from NY Comicon about my press pass.
Well as you can infer from the title of te article that I was approved for a press pass!

Moving on up! So this will be around the 6th or 7th con that I’ve been press at, but the total amount of people at all of those cons probably is still less than one NY Comicon. Crazy right?

Well time to fly, literally!

Work + Texas = Exhaustion

I’m writing this little missive sitting in the airport in Austin Texas.
Currently I am waiting to board tthe plane. I had to get to the airport at around 9AM even though my plane Starts boarding at 11:28AM because the coworker I flew in with had some meetings early today. Joy!

Well tje fantastic thing about the Austin airport is they are not retarded like how the Washington Dulles airport is. No “trams” no “sorry sir you need to walk 3/4 of a mile because this checkpoint is closed even though everyone else directed you to this gate just to waste your time.”

Well I’m bored out of my mind, my head is swimming a little due to the small amount of sleep over these past 2 days in which I worked 35 hours. That’s right 35 hours in 2 days, 25 the first day and 10 the next.
At least we were able to hit up the best resturants and finished the night with fresh RoundRock donuts!

Oo announcements! Peace out!